Cherry Lane United Methodist Church
Monday, February 24, 2020

New Organ Fundraising


Don't forget our ongoing fundraising for a new organ!  We have also witnessed an AMAZING kick-off to purchase a new organ.  It has now been over two months since we officially kicked-off a "buy a key" campaign to raise funds to purchase a new Allen organ for our church.  We are very excited to report that we now have a total of $28,300.00 in the organ fund which means we only have $700.00 to go to reach our goal.  We THANK ALL of those who have so generously contributed.   If you haven't already donated please consider purchasing a key in memory or honor of someone so we can bring this instrument into our sanctuary in the near future.  Donation envelopes can be found in the pew racks or by contacting Ashleigh in the church office.   Please contact Gary Raish, Lee Munch or anyone else on the organ committee with any questions.

Dear Cherry Lane Family and Friends,

It is with great excitement that we announce an initiative to greatly enrich the music ministry of the congregation and friends of Cherry Lane Church.  The Trustees, Worship Committee and Administrative Council have all approved the goal of raising funds to purchase a new organ.

Our current organ is beginning to show its age after almost 27 years of glorifying God in worship.  If you remember, the organ was purchased in January 1993 when we were still in the original small church sanctuary which seated about 75 people.  It was one of the smallest Allen organs made at that time.  Upon moving into the new enlarged sanctuary in 2002 (seating about 150) financial constraints prohibited us from considering the purchase of a new, larger instrument at that time. Speakers were added to enhance the sound, but it has never been the proper sized organ for our space. It is also now quite technologically dated and getting up in years for a digital organ. (Think about using a computer that is 27 years old.) Feel free to ask questions. 

We sense the Spirit leading us as doors are opening to fulfill this goal. Originally, we expected to purchase a new organ, but an organ only 5 years old is available at half the cost! (God opened the door to this organ!) It has everything we need and even has the same oak finish as our sanctuary. (God gave us a sign it is meant for us!) Even before we have begun our fundraising, memorial gifts and personal donations totaled enough to pay the down payment of $12,000! (God moved in people’s hearts!)

We believe God is leading us and we hope God will stir excitement in you to offer your support in purchasing the new organ. You, along with all our members and friends, will help bring this organ to our sanctuary and enable it to glorify God through the music it produces. (Let’s glorify God together!) Do you sense the excitement? You can be part of the outpouring of the Spirit by giving an early gift to help all of us see how “the Lord has done great things for us.” (Ps. 126:3)

As we know, music is a very important part of Cherry Lane Church and we are very excited to be working towards the goal of purchasing this organ.   Please prayerfully consider a gift towards our total goal of $30,000.  Our official kick-off Sunday will be October 27th when we will provide more exciting details and ways to contribute, which will honor God and fulfill the dream of a new organ in our beloved sanctuary.

To God be the glory!


Organ Committee,

   David Brong         Rev. Larry Mark              Katy Raish

   Corliss Hoke         Lee Munch (co-chair)     Gary Raish (co-chair)

   Loretta Kistler      Eileen Pasquin                Linda Snyder